Mountain Guide / Fjellføring

I am one of the Mountain Guides in Breogfjell AS.

Breogfjell AS offers skiing, climbing and glacier adventures in the Norwegian wilderness. Our passion is the pure experience offered by the scenic Norwegian fjords and mountains. Our office is located in the small village Sogndal. This is right in the middle of the most spectacular mountains and fjords of Norway.

In the summer, we guides the iconic Mt. Store Skagastølstind and all the other spectacular peaks and ridges in Hurrungane and Jotunheimen. We also have local Mountain Guides in Stryn, Romsdal, Molladalen, Hardanger and several other destinations in Norway.

In the winter season we offer guided alpine ski tours in Sogndal, Stryn, Hjørundfjorden, Hardanger, Røldal, Hemsedal and several other destinations in Norway. Our avalanche safety courses are very popular and known to be some of the best in Norway.

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At the bottom of this page you can contact me if you have any questions about our guided tours or courses.

Nederst på denne siden kan du sende forespørsel om du trenger guide til dine eventyr på ski, klatring eller bre. Eller om du er på jakt etter skredkurs eller klatrekurs.

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